This design is multifaceted with varying intents of use and therefore expresses itself in multiple fragmented boxes in different materials and forms. The home will serve young and old, strangers and friends, for large family barbeques in the yard and solitary reading by the fire over short and long periods. The one consolidating ideal is to connect the inhabitants with the spectacular landscape, being the immediate densely planted site and Mallacoota inlet beyond.

Despite its exuberant appearance, the home is a modest size at 300m2 and sits low on the site with its back to the wind. The house is split up and down, left and right by a double height stair chamber to provide separation of living and sleeping quarters and the opportunity to close-off upstairs. Each space has its own micro environment with controlled views of individual gardens to provide a sense of one’s own personal space when inhabiting the home. A fine spatial balance has been struck between being able to host large parties while also feeling a sense of cosiness.